Friday, June 3, 2011

Safe Hands

We have two cats whose job it is to patrol our property and keep the riffraff at bay.  Sometimes, mostly all of the time, they get carried away.

We realized they hadn't been seen for a few hours.  That usually means trouble.  When we found them, they were both stationed in front of the hedge of acuba that runs along the rear of our property - and they refused to be coaxed away from their posts.  We knew they had something cornered, and about that time we saw this little fella trembling at the edge of the grass.  His little heart was running at warp speed when Joe gathered him up and brought him up to the house.

Other than extreme fright and total exhaustion, he didn't appear to be hurt.  So we put a clean towel and a bit of water in the cat carrier and kept him out of harms way for the rest of the day.  He fell sound asleep.
Late that afternoon, Joe carried him down the hill - about three or four houses away and safely out of our cat's jurisdiction - setting him free in a thicket near a little creek.  He hopped away none the worse for the wear.

I love this picture.  It reminds me of how much God cares for us.  We are always safe in His hands.
Today is Countdown Friday


  1. Naughty kitties! Beth, we used to have two pet rabbits that were as big as our cat, Fritzl. We could put Fritzl in the cage with the bunnies and they were great friends!
    Hugs, Diane

  2. Great picture. God truly made some beautiful animals. I have had the pleasure of watching a mother bird raise 4 babies right outside my window in a fern on my front porch. It is right at eye level and turned perfectly to view. They are almost old enough to leave. I hope I am home the day they learn to fly. That is an adventure to watch.

  3. Aw....that is adorable. We have several bunnies running around the yard this year....more than usual. Our kitty is an inside kitty and our dogs aren't fast enough to catch them so they are safe :)

    Joe is my hero ;)