Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Harvest

Don't they look delicious?  They're tiny and sweet - our first harvest this year.  Okay, our second harvest. The first harvest was yesterday and Joe ate it before I could grab the camera.
  We're getting there.  In the foreground, Sugar Snap peas, then green beans, then carrots (hidden behind the beans), radishes, zinnias, okra, and cucumbers.
 And about those cucumbers - check out the trellis.  We saw this being done on a visit to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.  The cucumber vines will climb the trellis!  The cukes are much easier to pick - and look how much garden square footage we save.  This is just a simple panel of lattice that we attached to two posts.  
 Looking back down the garden from the trellis, you can see the tomatoes on the far end and the pumpkin patch beyond.
 Wild and crazy tomato vines before we braved the heat yesterday and tied them up.  They are happy campers this year.
And last but not least - giant pumpkins with a border of young sunflowers.  We have never had much luck with the giants, but I'm going to use all my powers of persuasion on these this year.  This will be my grandson's first October - so if they don't feel like growing, they're just going to have to get over it.   Think happy pumpkin thoughts for me.

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