Friday, May 13, 2011

After The Rain

Earlier this week, we had a ferocious thunderstorm that kept us awake half the night.  Mercifully, our old trees were spared yet again.  In the morning, after the rain, I took the camera into the garden and found everything sparkling with leftover raindrops.
Future graduates of the Better Boy Tomato Academy...
 Sugar peas in waiting...
 Green beans in progress...
Radish Row...
A summer full of zinnias...
And...Lord willing...Giant Pumpkins.  I'm hoping for whoppers...pumpkins so big they can only be lifted with the aid of heavy machinery.  We'll see.
As you can see, the garden is green and growing and we're off to the races.
Elsewhere around the garden, there was even more to celebrate.  This Kousa Dogwood is one of a pair flanking the pool.  The flowers bloom after the leaves are full and green.
One of my four Confederate Jasmine vines - blooming their hearts out.  This is the jasmine I pined for all winter long and mentioned more than once, I'm sure.  More about the jasmine next post!
Basil and mint in the courtyard garden, just outside my kitchen door.  I have pots of thyme, sage, and Italian parsley just outside the door as well. A big bush of rosemary lives in the vegetable garden year round and survives our winter just fine.
Pink hydrangea in the courtyard, just before full bloom...
and flats of pink and white impatiens, waiting to be transferred into the pots, planters and window boxes - which we accomplished later that same day.

Whatever your favorite season (guess which one is mine...), you must admit there is something special about a late spring morning and a simple walk in the garden after a rain.

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