Saturday, May 7, 2011

Garden Cam

So the garden is officially in the ground.  I'll use this as the "before" shot, and hopefully will be able to give you updates as the summer progresses.

In the foreground is the raised bed of zinnias, okra and cucumbers.  The middle bed has radishes, carrots, green beans and sugar snap peas.  Beyond that, you can see our tomatoes and pepper plants.  We have four kinds of tomatoes planted - Better Boy, cherry, grape and Roma - plus three kinds of peppers - green bell, yellow banana and giant jalapeno.  At the very far end is the pumpkin patch.  Directly behind me in this photo are summer squash and cantaloupe. 

Stay tuned.  We know just enough about gardening to be dangerous - but the journey makes for a fine summer, no matter what!
Yesterday was Countdown Friday


  1. I cannot wait to see some "after" shots! It will be beautiful... and my mouth is watering thinking of those home grown tomatoes!

  2. Wonderful, Beth! How limber you two must be! It's still a little early here. We can't safely plant until the end of May and that makes the growing season very short. We'll plant in pots so our veggies are slightly raised and also put the pots on top of a retaining wall next to a stone path to make caring for them easier. Our soil is so rocky, thus making rototilling difficult. Pots work well for us here except they dry out quickly. BUT...the taste of freshly grown food...yum! So worth the extra care! We'll plant more this year than usual, just for fun too! Experiment a bit. Maybe even brussel sprouts again. But our favorite, beside TOMATOES, of course, are eggplants!

    Hugs, Diane