Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday at the Beach

I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday - especially when it is mine!  The whole family migrated to our favorite spot in South Carolina this past weekend in honor of the occasion.  When it comes to the beach, however, any old occasion will do - birthdays, anniversaries, National Postage Stamp Day - "gosh, guess we'll have to go to the beach and celebrate..."  We can't help ourselves.  The big fish is in Murrells Inlet, SC on Restaurant Row - home of  SERIOUSLY GOOD SEAFOOD.  The other pic shows a small portion of the boardwalk behind the restaurants that looks out over the inlet toward the ocean.  You might as well stay tuned for more posts from the coast.  There is the matter of beach music and a dance that was born before most of us were, inlets and waterways, live oaks with spanish moss, a shabby little island with a historic district and a ghost who goes door to door warning people of impending hurricanes, the matter of Lowcountry dishes such as shrimp and grits and how to properly cook a hush puppy (which isn't a baby dog, by the way) and much more.  And you wondered why I paint all those palm trees.


  1. Hi Beth,

    I discovered you by visiting Diane Knott's blog. Love your art. I have relatives near Murrells Inlet and have visited several dining spots on restaurant row, just fabulous! You bring up happy memories and a smile to my face. Shrimp and grits...yum!

    Happy birthday,
    Sydney Wright

  2. Hi Sydney! Welcome!! And you are so right - what's not to like about Murrells Inlet? Such a beautiful place. Stay tuned - I'm getting a few posts together about Southern food - including a great recipe for shrimp and grits:)

  3. Happy Birthday Beth, I will trade you some history for a slice of that beach.

  4. Beth, would this be the "Grey Ghost" you're referring to? I think he is a-walkin' and a-knockin' right about now as this newest hurricane is heading your way!

    Your beach retreat looks absolutely wonderful! Look at that sky! A belated happy birthday to you!


  5. Yes, Diane! He is commonly known as The Gray Man and his territory is Pawley's Island, SC. There are reports that he did show up just before Hurricane Hugo, which sliced the island in half (temporarily, of course).

  6. Happy be-lated birthday Beth! What a wonderful way to spend the day....I love the ocean especially on the east coast.

  7. Happy Birthday Beth! (we'll just keep the celebration going) ;)
    You gave me a few more reasons... I mean occasions to celebrate on the water!
    Hope your year is fantastic!