Monday, January 16, 2012

Market Wrap

We just returned home from Atlanta Market, and, as promised, here are a few snapshots from the trip.  I was honored on Friday to be one of the featured artists at a signing session for Legacy Publishing.
 Meeting the retailers who carry Legacy products is always such a treat.  Here I am, below, with Legacy's Carlos Llanso.
 Here is a picture of their great display of my new Gentle Blessings 2013 Calendar and related products.

 Atlanta is always full of quirky surprises.  You never know what is going to be right around the next corner.  Here are two "finds" from the trip - my new friend, Mr. Bear - made entirely of chenille pom-poms - and - a gorgeous chandelier made entirely of old silver spoons!

 On Friday night, as we have for the past several markets, we met with a large group of artist friends at The Westin Hotel for a big hug and a precious few minutes of conversation and catching-up.  One of them suggested that we turn this into a convention of sorts!  Not a bad idea, because we never seem to have enough time with each other.
 Included in the picture are Terri Conrad, Paula Joerling, Joyce Shelton, BJ Lantz, Gina Linn Wilder, Jane Maday, Janet Wecker-Frisch, Sharon Himes, Robin Davis, Shelly Comiskey, me, Phyllis Dobbs, Sue Zipkin, Beth Logan, Audrey Jean Roberts, Karen Embry and Robin Pickens.

Client response to my work was very positive and I have a boatload of work to do as a result, so it's back to work this morning.  Until next time, Atlanta - and thanks for another great show.


  1. Hi Beth - This is a great post about the Atlanta trip. And great photos, good job Joe! I love the silver spoon chandelier and my autographed copy of your "Let Your Heart Take Courage" journal. It will be a good reminder for me in the coming year. Thanks Beth.

  2. here- (your button just asked me to click so gently i had to--- where or what is the atlanta market- that is my home so i would love to know where all these pics are from so i wont miss it next time--

  3. Atlanta Market is a wholesale market. It is where shop owners go to buy merchandise for their shops!