Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Smiles

E. E. Cummings said "the earth laughs in flowers".  If true, then I would say that my zinnias have the giggles.

The first large harvest of these beauties ended up in one of my antique baskets.  Check out the new kid on the block this summer - a red-and-white peppermint stripe variety, in the center of the picture below.
I will have zinnias until Halloween.  I guess that means the garden will be in fits of laughter between now and then.
My porcelain goose just looked into the camera and said "Fine by me..."

Today is Countdown Friday

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  1. Zinnias, one of my faves too! And portulaca. But you can't easily bring those in and put in a vase. AKA "moss roses". Love the mix of colors in both zins and portulaca!