Friday, March 11, 2011

Miller's Mural

We're still on baby watch around here.  To pass the time, my daughter and I have spent the past two weeks painting a mural for his nursery wall.

I designed it and did the sketch freehand onto the wall.  Then we both painted (and painted...and painted) and finally completed everything yesterday afternoon.
His name is Miller, and it made sense to create a little tropical island for him to enjoy.  Our entire family loves the ocean, and I designed a village where each family member is represented - along with a bit of their personality.

Hope he enjoys living with this as much as his mom and I enjoyed creating it.

As soon as he makes his debut, I'll post those pics!
(and we're counting down to a grandson!)
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  1. Aw.....and how appropriate for your family! I know how much you all love the beach. Hoping for a safe and QUICK delivery!
    Hugs, Diane

  2. Oh what fun!!!! I've always wanted to do a mural....never took the time to do it....figured it would take over my life until it was done. I LOVE the colors you used here. Did you just use acrylic paints in the 2 oz bottles for this project?

  3. Thanks, Diane and Teresa! Yes - we did use the acrylic paints in the 2oz bottles. Not sure whether to cover this whole wall with removable varnish or just leave it alone. Any suggestions? Diane - thanks for the "quick delivery" wish - I'm sure she will echo that sentiment! Teresa - it DID take over our lives until it was done. The job was too big for one person - but we made a great memory.

  4. Beth, This is absolutely beautiful! ya'll did a fantastic job, and it's something you'll always be proud you did. I know you'll love having a grandson. Grand kids are wonderful!

  5. oh my goodness Beth how cute is this?! And the personal touches - it's perfect! Those little bottled acrylics can rub off a bit with some scrubbing (like if something gets splashed onto it later requiring more than a quick wipe) but it seems like this is high enough on the wall it would be ok without the coat of varnish (in my past life I actually used to paint kids' rooms for a living).
    It's adorable!

  6. wow this is just absolutely awesome, I would go so far as to say breathe taking :D really BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. So sweet! Little truck tires (beach jeep tracks) will be on there before long~ the crib looks to be the perfect height for bouncy baby boy to run trucks along the sand :)
    So excited for all of you!!