Friday, October 29, 2010

Time Flies

...when you're having fun!

Where in the Sam Hill did October go?  Here in the studio it was a happy blur of pumpkins and autumn leaves and ocean sunrises and hot air balloons, with a couple of tornadoes thrown in for good measure.  Thankfully, we survived.  Our prayers go with our neighbors here in Lincoln County who weren't as fortunate.

Happy Countdown Friday.
Today's Count stands at 337
Please remember to go to the polls and vote on November 2!

Next stop...turkey and tinsel***


  1. Love that painting! I know......time is passing too fast! I wish October was 2 months long!

  2. I agree with Teresa on both counts! The painting's adorable and October is my favorite month and passes too quickly. All that's left on the trees here are the browned oak leaves and the bright yellows of the aspens and there's already snow in the forecast for this week!
    Hugs, Diane