Friday, October 22, 2010

Making Lemonade

When life hands you lemons...
Most pessimists who hear that old saying look at you like they'd just as soon slap your face as hear it againMost of the year, I don't get where they're coming from - but in the fall, with days getting darker and shorter, cold winds beginning to blow, and the prospect of at least a few months between me and the next scent of jasmine on my back porch - I have to say I feel their pain.
Looking at the oak leaves in this photo, however, I gained a fresh perspective.  If you love the chore of raking all those leaves in the fall, raise your hand.  Yeah, that's what I thought.  (You can lower your hand now, sir.  The other twenty thousand of us don't share your joy.)  But here's the thing - my humble artistic effort in the middle of the shot can't hold a candle to what God did in my oak trees outside with just one breath.  And if He loves Autumn that much, who am I to complain?
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  1. That's a beautiful photo, Beth. And I happen to be one of those people who LOVES raking leaves! I love all the smells of autumn, the crisp morning light that makes the hills look all purple and the horizon peach, the sparkling frost, the pumpkins, the leaves on the sidewalks as I walk to the library, crunching under my feet...
    Not to mention pumpkin pies and apple cobbler and hot cider...
    If I had to choose my favorite season, it would be fall. Spring is damp, summer is hot, winter too cold - although I love looking at the falling snow - from INSIDE next to my fireplace with hot chocolate beside me.
    Great post, girlfriend!

  2. Walking to the library with crunching leaves under my feet - that is one of my favorite memories as well. Maybe it's a small town thing - but I count that as one of my top ten favorite Autumn memories. Not to discount my love of jasmine in the Spring, but there ARE some things to love about Autumn.