Thursday, July 29, 2010

What is Sweet Tea?

If you live in the South, you might want to skip this post and carry on with your day.  To those who are still with me - sweet tea is what we Southerners bleed when we cut a finger (not to discount our famous barbecue sauces - another subject for another day).  For the purposes of clarification, sweet tea is NOT Snapple in a bottle.  Neither is it some kind of instant powder you stir up with a spoon.  Sweet tea is composed of tea bags, the more the merrier, the stronger the better in my book, slowly steeped in scalding water, to which a couple of dump-truck-loads of sugar is added while the mixture is still steaming hot.  That is your base.  Add more water to dilute to your taste, chill thoroughly, and serve in a big glass filled with ice.  We consume millions of gallons of the stuff, 24-7-365.  It knows no season.  Without it, we would be pale lifeless specimens of humanity, a disgrace to America probably.  So if you have ever wondered about us, thinking "what IS it with those crazy people down there?", the answer is sugar.  We're all hopped up on it.  Here below the Mason-Dixon line, we love our sweet tea.


  1. Sweet 16 and I LOVED our "Southern Journey" ~ along with everyone drinking sweet tea~ which we didn't think to try (silly)~ we met the kindest, funny... happy... awesome story-telling... front-porch-welcoming collection of folks! Two weeks wasn't long enough! Thank you for sharing the secret to sweet tea~
    Hope you have a great weekend... and yes, you made me smile! ;)

  2. I'll have a big, tall glass of that! You wouldn't happen to have some fresh mint to tuck along the side of the glass just for "pretty", would you?
    I heard via the blogging grapevine that another artist has ventured into blogland and here you are! Welcome! You're going to love it, Beth!
    What a great network of wonderfully creative people!
    Now for that glass of tea please...!
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. dump-truck-loads of sugar ..that is so you kids in the south are all on a sugar/caffeine high.

    Your a natural born blogger for you write so well and have great art and pictures to go with it.

  4. Hi Beth! (I'm Diane's daughter...) Sweet tea with dumptruck loads of sugar - woah! Sounds great. I'm looking forward to following your blog. Love your cat's name, too. :-)