Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Pool Party

You have already met Tylenol, the gorgeous cat who knows it.  Recently, we had a backyard family gathering.  My niece's four year old daughter, Sydney, was rightfully the center of attention, splashing around in the pool in her little pink swimsuit and matching pink float.  All eyes were on her - apparently to Tylenol's disgust - because suddenly someone burst out laughing and pointed to an empty terra cotta pot by the edge of the pool.  There he sat, perfectly posed, in a spot that he normally wouldn't go near if his life depended on it.  The serene look on his face, directed straight at adorable little Sydney, said, "Take THAT, you cute little girl in the pink float!  Who are they looking at NOW?"

1 comment:

  1. A star he is!
    We have a sweet little guy that could be Tylenol's twin! I'm sure your little buddy is more behaved~
    Hope you're having a wonderful summer!