Monday, January 31, 2011

Head in the Snow

Every now and then I sneak a self-portrait into my artwork.  The little guy in the hat pretty well sums me up right now.  I get through the snowy months by playing mind games with myself - "days are getting longer" - "only two more weeks until the Daytona 500" - "daffodil tops are already peeking through the soil" - in other words, I survive Winter by pulling the wool over my own eyes.  And, silly me - I generally end up believing my own sales pitch.  

Thankfully - I live in an area of the country that really DOES begin to see Spring in late February.  You people in Alaska and Canada and New England and the upper Midwest - Lord Have Mercy - I have no idea how you do it.
From here in the Carolinas, I really can see Spring just around the corner.  Next week they will load the car haulers and head to Daytona, and if I close my eyes, I can even smell the motor oil on hot metal and the sweet scent of burning tire rubber.  That's as good as jasmine in my book.

I was so busy with my hat down over my eyes, chanting "There's No Place Like Spring...There's No Place Like Spring..." that I let it slip by without a nod.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

More from Atlanta

Friend and fellow artist Phyllis Dobbs came by for my appearance in Legacy's new showroom.  The people at Legacy Publishing take such great care with their products, giving attention to every detail.  Ask for Legacy at your favorite gift retailer.
 Artist Shelly Comiskey also stopped by to say hello along with artist Robin Davis who snapped the photo!  In the background is artist Jane Shasky.  I love connecting with all of these talented people - it's such an honor just to be considered one of them!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Atlanta 2011

Ah...Spring!  No matter that every freeway in Atlanta was covered in ice.  Toward the end of the week, the buyers came and all was well with the world. Pictured above is the Certified International showroom display of my Palm Island dinnerware.  
We met with many of our clients while in Atlanta, and as an added bonus, I met many of my fellow artists for the first time.  
Artist Dan DiPaolo's work has always inspired me, so I was thrilled to discover that we were both scheduled for appearances at the same time in the brand new Legacy Publishing showroom.  Meeting Dan was a treat, and meeting many of you as I signed my 2011 Gentle Blessings calendars made it even better.
 And speaking of artist appearances, as much as I enjoyed my own appearance, I was a star-struck FAN when I ran into Mary Engelbreit at Bethany Lowe Designs, signing pieces from HER newest collection.  Doesn't that smile on my face tell it all?
We had fun on Friday night as we gathered with a large group of licensed artists at the Westin Hotel before dinner.  With no camera in hand, I'm depending on others in the group to email pics from that gathering and also from the Legacy session on Saturday afternoon.  As soon as those arrive (which will be as soon as many of them get over the flu that they carried home from Atlanta), I will post even more pics from this incredible weekend.
In the meantime...
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Fresh Paint

We're buried under a deep blanket of snow with a crust of sleet on top of that.  Yippee.
If it melts enough to allow travel, we plan to leave for Atlanta Market very shortly.  I will be signing copies of my Gentle Blessings 2012 Calendar at the Legacy Publishing showroom, with many other appointments to keep while there.
Atlanta in January is always so inspirational.  I come home with my artistic batteries recharged and a million ideas floating around in my head.  The two images, above, are hot off the press - part of my new Merry Santas collection.
Stay tuned for news and photos from our trip!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Beautiful winter snows notwithstanding, this time of year I'm ready for Spring. I know.  I should be ashamed. Truthfully, I'm ready for Spring the day after Labor Day, but where has that ever gotten me?  So I'm endeavoring to savor the moment and appreciate the day at hand.  I'm getting better at it, too. Studies in blue and white like the one above make the process much more joyful.

We leave for Atlanta Market next week.  That always helps.  The flowers may be silk and the crickets and chirps may only be canned sound effects in some showroom, but if I close my eyes I can smell the jasmine. 

Here at home, the summerhouse and the potting shed will survive under their blanket of snow, as will the garden beyond.  The cats will hold down the fort. And I'm learning to love blue and white.

Meanwhile, today is Countdown Friday.
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To everything there is a season