Friday, January 7, 2011


Beautiful winter snows notwithstanding, this time of year I'm ready for Spring. I know.  I should be ashamed. Truthfully, I'm ready for Spring the day after Labor Day, but where has that ever gotten me?  So I'm endeavoring to savor the moment and appreciate the day at hand.  I'm getting better at it, too. Studies in blue and white like the one above make the process much more joyful.

We leave for Atlanta Market next week.  That always helps.  The flowers may be silk and the crickets and chirps may only be canned sound effects in some showroom, but if I close my eyes I can smell the jasmine. 

Here at home, the summerhouse and the potting shed will survive under their blanket of snow, as will the garden beyond.  The cats will hold down the fort. And I'm learning to love blue and white.

Meanwhile, today is Countdown Friday.
Today's Count is 267

To everything there is a season


  1. Hi Beth - Well, maybe not ashamed. I am loving the cold winter-y weather and whatever snow we can get. Yours looks beautiful. Hope you have a great show next week.

  2. day at a time.....

    And yes, snow is wonderful if it HAS to be winter. So much better than ugly brown earth dulling the light. Snow is so reflective and cheery shining through our windows night and day...